Hashtags Aren’t Just for Breakfast Anymore

As a young kid, I closely examined a touch tone phone and noticed a symbol which I immediately recognized as odd. It was a tic tac toe grid or sometimes called a pound sign. I asked my dad about this  intriguing but apparently useless key, and he assured me that someday, the powers that be had big plans for that symbol. It was going to be great, but neither of us had any idea what it could be.  

Thirty years later, that magic symbol finally has a purpose. #FacebookKiller It’s cooler and more amazing than anyone could have ever imagined. #LikeAngryBirds And it could completely change how the world communicates.

In order to show the power of Hashtags and because it’s sort of over our head, we’ve asked Sammy #ImWayUnderpaidForThis, our in-house Twitter Specialist, to go through an hashtagize this blog before publishing. #FakeWordAlert

The cool Twitter crowd calls them Hashtags.  #ReallyAPoundSign.   And the Hashtags allow you to instantly categorize your tweets.  That in itself is of limited value,  but when someone next door or on the other side of the world uses that same Hashtag, you’re now connected.  #SayHiToKimJongIl. Sharing thoughts, ideas, laughs, and general brilliance with odd, random people you may never have met, nor ever will again. #WalmartCheckoutLine

That’s it. That’s the killer app to kill all killer apps. #LikeAngryBirds The world just got much, much smaller. It turns out my dad was right. They did have pretty big plans for that symbol afterall. #ThirtyYearConspiracyTheory

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