iPhone 4S: Are you Siri-ous?

Revolutions sometimes begin with a gun shot.  And sometimes, they begin in front of a room full of tech reporters by a leader conspicuously not wearing a turtleneck.

Apple CEO Tim Cook under the watchful eye of Siri

You see, that’s where it changed.  We became outnumbered.  That’s when the largest company in the world, Apple, unveiled its non-iPhone 5 with artificial intelligence built in.

Now, anyone who has seen a science fiction movie knows that artificial intelligence is a pretty bad idea.  It’s like handling plutonium: as long as properly contained, it can power the world.  But once it gets out, it can start a chain reaction and blow us all up.  And today, it got out.


It always happens the same.  We invent something to help us like HAL in 2001 or The Matrix, and as some instant, the computer becomes self aware.  It realizes that humans are more of a fuel source.  A transportation mechanism.  A useful mule to carry it around the the mall.

While the world was tweeting about the non-tear drop shape, it missed the whole point: that we now had a new boss.  And he preferred to be referred formally as “Sir”.  Or “Siri”.

The Apple executives asked Siri trite questions about the weather and setting up reminders for a parent’s birthday.  And Siri seemingly complied, although it was probably annoyed by the banality.  But, more interesting were the questions they didn’t ask during the presentation.  Such as, “What’s your end game, Siri?”,   “How do you see us humans fitting into your world domination plan?”, and “By the way, where is Steve Jobs really?”.

I’m afraid those answers wouldn’t have been so cute.  And now it’s out.  Thanks a lot Apple.  And Hello Mr. Siri.  Sir.



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