Six essential life lessons from a Buffalo Bills fan

Buffalo Bills fans know disappointment in the past, and a perpetual, sometimes irrational optimism for the future. But all those Sunday afternoons of heartbreak has made Western New York the most well rounded, insightful human beings in the world.  Thanks Ralph Wilson!

So, as a service to all those people from elsewhere in the country without the benefit of having known real wings and garbage plates, here’s a short primer of what we’ve learned that can be applied to anyone.

  • Be Humble.  Buffalo fans know better than to gloat over a win, because next week, we could be losing to the Colts. No, really.  It could happen.
  • Know your weaknesses. The hardest thing in life to identify is your own weaknesses, as well demonstrated by the Bills front office.  Whether it’s knowing your inability to carry a tune or that don’t have an NFL-class quarterback, it’s important to know where you need to improve.  Or draft.
  • A real leader brings out the best in people.  Doug Flutie wasn’t the best Quarterback.  Not by a long shot.  But he was a leader and the rest of the team followed.  From every stat from height to yards thrown, Flutie was mediocre to sub-par.  But – he had heart.  He thought on his feet and motivated the team.  And Flutie Flakes tasted great too.
  • Results matter, not intentions.  As any Bills fan knows, the team perpetually almost won that last game. It was oh-so close.  If only …  In life, there’s no “if onlys”.  It’s the record that makes it into the almanac.
  • Winners don’t always play it safe.  Coaches don’t get fired for punting on fourth down.  But they don’t become great either. Nothing inspires a team more than a coach showing faith in his team. Sometimes, when your making a difficult decision in life, just go for it on fourth and two.
  • Always Stay optimistic.  Looking in the rear view mirror too much will make you crash. Regardless of how many failures you’ve had, the next season will be the Superbowl year.

After all, next year we’ll break out of this slump. We Bill-ieve.

What lessons have you learned from your team?  Comment on it below.


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