Top 10 List of Top Lists of All Time

In MullerOver headquarters, our writing staff was feeling listless. So, never to waste a good pun nor opportunity to not really write a post, our writers put together the definitive list of definitive lists of all time.

TV Guide’s 50 Greatest TV Shows of All Time

TV Guide

May 10, 2002
Few around today would quarrel with TV Guide’s list of best shows including the “show about nothing”.  What we can’t quite figure out though is how they could possibly have overlooked ALF.

10 More Things You Don’t Know

November 26, 2012
Sometimes, our brains just don’t have enough ridiculous, useless knowledge.  Y’know, the kind you can sprinkle into a dinner conversation and your friends are amazed with how eclectic you are.  For instance, did you know that the show ALF was named after Alien Life Form?  There’s tomorrow night’s dinner conversation.  You’re welcome.


The 25 Worst Mistakes in History

Business Insider

April 26, 2011
The editors of Business Insider put together a truly diverse list of tragedies and career failures rooting from poor decision making.  There must have been a lot of relieved faces at NBC Headquarters when they realized their decision to cancel ALF in 1990 was mistakenly overlooked.


Top 20 Best Gangster Movies

September 18, 2007
Say hello to my little friend.  For decades, Americans have been fascinated with Gangsters leading to the reality show, Mob Wives.  Once that aired, people didn’t seem to be as intrigued by mobsters anymore.  Strange.


500 Greatest Songs of All Time

Rolling Stone

May 31, 2012
Rolling Stone Magazine has made what they call the definitive list of the 500 best songs of all time.  However, we must note that their integrity might be impugned slighty in that #1 and #2 both have Rolling Stone in the name of the song or band.


Top 10 Most Epic Collapses in Sports History

September 25, 2002
If you’ve seen the movie Tin Cup, no doubt that you cringe a little when you see how Roy McAvoy has an epic collapse in pursuit of the perfect shot.  Even more cringe-worthy are these real life collapses-  or triumphs – depending on which side you were on.


Best Science Fiction Movies of All Time

There are movies that are amazing to watch, and give high school physics teachers ulcers with the bad science involved.  Regardless of the violations of Newton’s Laws, these are the movies that are worth wasting a Saturday afternoon.



101 of the Greatest Inventions of All Time

The Technology eZine

From the bra to fiber optics to guillotine, it’s the list of pretty much everything we couldn’t live without.


Top 25 Funniest Tweets of All Time

Who knew while walking through a grocery store, anyone can craft a one-liner less than 140 characters that can make millions around the world laugh.



Top 100 Speeches

American Rhetoric

The smartest or strongest people don’t rule the world.  They work for those who communicate the best.  Here’s 100 speeches that inspired a world and changed it through words.


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