Angry Reviews about MullerOver

The reviews are in! Our office manager, Smitty very excitedly came into our editorial meeting this week with a printed stack of actual comments from around the Internet. Keep in mind that each and every review in bold is legit, as is our official responses in italics.

“This is the stupidest article I’ve read online…that’s saying a lot.” – by Santiago
Santiago, I assure you, there are a depths of stupidity on our editorial calendar that you cannot even fathom.

“Incredibly cheesy” – Chris N.
 Well, we think that Pizza Shack Pizza is also incredibly cheesy, but that’s what makes it so awesome.

“Lame sauce.”  – by Benjamin H.
Sort of see a food theme emerging with the critics.

Our Readers Organizing into an Angry Mob

“It’s clear they didn’t do much research …. either they’re lying or deaf.”
by Stephanie from Ontario.
You should see the look on our research department’s faces right now.

“This list is …”  – by KellysMom
Our censors won’t let us print the direct object of the review.  Let’s just say that farmers could use it in lieu of fertilizer.

“This list is full of …”  – by BradWalk
Again, those censors are earning their keep, but oddly, the word picked by the reviewer wasn’t even a noun.

“Some stupid random website.”  – by WickedGame
Stupid we could understand, but random?  That hurts.

“Uch.”  – by badjer1785
As far as we can guess, this is short for “Mucho Gracias for the awesome post.”

“D**n, that mullerover site sucks.”  – by Storymilo
This is our favorite review of all time.  We’ve framed it and posted over the copier now. 


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